Scent generator
What is Scent Generator and how it works?
Where can Scent Generator be used?
What is the effect of the generator and who is SG recommended to?
Are there any known positive effects on people?
What is hidden in the essences?
How is it possible that natural essence can influence people so much?

How long does one filler last?
Which essences are available?
Where can we purchase the fillers?
Is the scent to harmful to health?
How loud is the generator or is there anything disquieting in its operation?

Technical data and service
What about servicing and repairs?
What about the guarantee?
What is the life-span of the device?
Where was the product manufactured, tested?
Where should the customers turn to if they have questions / problems?

Maintenance and eradication of faults
How, with what and how often do we clean SG (exterior and interior)?
Which are the safety measures (lightning …)?
Is it necessary to keep the device away from children?
What happens if the essence comes in contact with the skin, the eyes … or e.g. if a child drinks it?
What happens if the device is turned off for a longer period of time?
How long can it run per day?
Is it advisable, that it’s turned on all the time?
How long it takes for the area to fill with the scent?
What to do if the device is working, but it doesn’t distribute the essence?
What do we do, if we still don’t manage to get the SG working?
How is with the service and where should the customer call?