What is Scent Generator and how it works?

SG is the newest device for creating and / or emphasizing positive feelings. It was developed in collaboration between Slovene company and American corporation PatentReal.

It combines eternal science on subconscious response of people to primary substances and scientific discoveries on working of the human mind.

The change of feeling is activated through perceiving of smell. This is only the first step – others happen in the sub consciousness of the person, who comes in contact with the smell. The process that happens can be conscious or without awareness.

The “fuel” of this device is a natural essence, refined with special substances, which additionally intensify the positive effect on people’s feelings. However, not only the essence is important – it is its combination with the process of transforming the essence into a form that can be detected by people and has maximum effect on them.

The core of the device forms a special electronic generator, which transforms elementary components of the essence into a special molecular form, which then binds with oxygen molecules in the air.