What is the effect of the generator and who is SG recommended to?

Previous experiences show that SG is extremely useful everywhere we wish to create positive atmosphere. This means that with the use of generator – if we describe the effect with the words of our users – people relax, get a feeling of comfort, the room becomes welcoming (that’s why people prefer to hang around in it), there’s less tension among people in the room (co-workers) and similar.

As a result, it means that SG helps us to maximally use the advantage of the room’s potential – depending on the effect we would like to achieve:

• People become more active, they are more trusting, it’s easier for them to concentrate and similar;

• On the other hand, we can achieve the opposite effect on people – the so-called “safe room effect”: people relax completely, they “open up”, drop their masks and inhibitions, they start acting as among friends, surrender to the moment …

In short, SG is recommended to everyone that wishes to create positive atmosphere. By selecting the filler we choose the desired effect, with settings on the digital command plate we adjust the power of that effect.