Where was the product manufactured, tested?
How is it tested?

Device is the product of Slovene knowledge in collaboration with the American company PatentReal (this is a company that deals with protection and marketing of patents).

It has been produced in accordance with market inquiry, which expressed the request for a generator of positive feeling, which would work immediately, for all the people and consistently. The main emphasis was on two segments of the device:

• Production of effective essences,

• Invention of optimum transmission of the essence to the brain receptors.

We’ve been developing the device for a few years; during development – besides the obvious experts (chemists, physicists, mechanics …) we also worked with the experts of other areas, such as psychology of behavior.

The original idea was based on reputable scientific researches, which we also tested ourselves to become convinced of their authenticity. After testing in laboratories in “closed studies” (which were carefully guarded secret), we started testing the generators with the users.
Their statements testify of remarkable efficiency of the generator, with which we accomplished our goal.

We are also planning additional improvements and upgrading of the model and installation of the SG module into other devices.