Where can Scent generator be used?

It can be used anywhere in closed spaces (In open spaces the effect is poorer and unpredictable due to greater dispersion).

It works on electricity, so we need electrical plug-socket close by or an extension cord. When choosing a location for the device, we must consider a few logical facts or advices:

• It is best to position it in such a way that the air, that exits on the upper side of the generator, can circulate freely;

• If it is positioned close to open area (windows, doors), the effect can be greater (if the air current, refined with essence, is carried into the room) or smaller (when the refined air from the generator is escaping from the room);

• We mustn’t cover the generator, it is best to place it on the floor.

It is recommended that the size of the room is considered while using the device:

• SG Intiution is intended for smaller rooms and it covers up to 30m2;

• SG Classic covers up to 250 m2;

• SG Climate is intenden to be build in the existing air condition system and covers up to 10.000 m2.