How is it possible that natural essence can influence people so much?

The reason is not only in the essence, but also in the psychological background. For example, with most people, the smell of the sea triggers pleasant memories and carries us into the time when we were relaxed and carefree. The smell of grandmother’s cookies or the smell of freshly backed bread summons the feeling of homeliness security and comfort, etc.

When we combine natural essences with special stimulators and place them into a certain psychological frame, a recognizable emotion occurs, which people often consciously recognize, or not. But it does reflect in their feeling, even if they don’t recognize it on a conscious level.

Besides, it is also important that the essences are distributed into the area according to a particular protocol. The concentration of the essence, its consistency and “intelligent” dosage are very important.

Scent Generator offers all this. Besides, it is easy to adjust certain parameters on the control panel with which we optimize the effect of the generator (it is advisable that you are a little more aware of its operation in the first few days after installation and try a few setting possibilities).

In any case, we will adjust your generator upon installation and show you how to manage the setitngs. Also, after a day or two we will visit you (for SG Classic and SG Climate) or call you (for SG Intuition) to check the efficiency of the device.