Is it advisable, that it’s turned on all the time?
Should it be turned on earlier - e.g. before the customers come to the store?

The working regime can be best established by yourself, when you will monitor its effects for the first few days. We suggest that the device is turned on all the time when you require its effect. It is not advisable to switch it on and off during “working hours”.

If you wish maximum result already at the first contact with the premises, we suggest that you turn the device on 30 minutes before you require its effect.

For example, if you have a shop, it is advisable to switch SG on half an hour before opening time for customers or before the first visit.
If you use the device in the office or other area where the customers don’ visit us, you can have it switched on all the time (for the effect on employees) or during official hours (for the effect on customers and employees only during that time). If you use the device at home, you can turn it on or off whenever you like (SG Intuition).