Which essences are available?

In the company, we are continuously developing new essences. Our goal is to produce essences which, on one hand serve a specific purpose and on the other hand enables the place its recognition. The smell is one of the main activators of special brain receptors, which identify experience based on this information.

For example, if we enter an extremely attractive place where they are playing beautiful music, but we don’t like the smell in the room, we can immediately refuse to accept the room, we don’t open up to it.

On the other hand, the place can be entirely “ordinary”, but if it is enriched by a pleasant smell, it can immediately become homelike and it relaxes us.

It is important to know that the smell has immediate effect, which is sometimes even more important than the sense of sound and sight. (This perception is derived from general research and it differs between people.)

Or, let’s look at an opposite example. We meet an extremely attractive person of the opposite sex, but this person gives out a disturbing and unpleasant odor (such as bad breath or stench of perspiration). Even though this person is very pleasant to look at, the smell can turn us away completely.

It is interesting that it can be quite opposite with the visual experience: even though we don’t like something at the first glance, we can accept it later. Example: we see a new car model, which we find “ugly”, but after a while we accept it and even grow fond of it.

Thus, the smell represents a momentary bridge to immediate acceptance / rejection of a subject: person, space or even an object. For example, many children’s toys are artificially refined with a carefully selected scent, since the natural smell of – for example industrial plastic or rubber – can turn the child away from the toy.

It is therefore particularly important that the essences are pleasant and un-aggressive, since over intensive smells can be just as disturbing.

All this knowledge – and much more – is in our company included in the production of essences.

At the moment, 100 % natural essences are available - you can find the list on the page essences. If you are interested in a specific effect of individual essences, please turn to us and we will demonstrate various essences for you.