Do you have constant problems with the unpleasant smell of cigarette smoke?

No more ... thanks to the latest SCENT technology.

Crowded company sit at the table in a newly opened hotel's bar. One of the men suddenly gets up, pulls cigarettes from his pocket, and then he asks the bartender: "Where is the smoking room?" There he indulges for a cigarette or two, and returns among others. His wife asks him in amazement: "Did you not go to a cigarette?" The man is astonished and replies: "Yes, of course ..." and his wife deters: "Why then you not smell of cigarette smoke?!"

Although this scenario was until recently more theory than practice, shows that it will eventually become a reality, thanks to the latest SCENT technology.

One of the biggest problems in the larger centers are still the smell of cigarette smoke. Although smoking is restricted to smoking rooms,
the smell of cigarette despite all limitations can't be stopped that would not be expanded to at least a bit around the room.

The second problem is smoking room itself. Wouldn't it be great if a smoker come back into society without the unpleasant smell of cigarette smoke?

Previous solutions of known ventilation of space are not successfully accomplished. Therefore, the BHRI Institute has come up with revolutionary solution:
by neutralizing or "scented" unpleasant smell.

The idea is simple. The unique
combination of four key elements in our SCENT process:

cutting edge technology, that systematic, steady and "when I press the button enter"  selected essence is released into inner space

high quality essences,

choosing the right micro-location of the lesions,

strategic choice can fill the air, combine with cigarette smoke, released molecules with specific essences, which prevail over unpleasant smelling.

This kind of idea, was begin to develop in Slovenian hotels and casinos throughout and
the current results go beyond our expectations. Not only the fact, that cigarette smell no longer remains in the textile lining, but the smell of cigarette smoke in smoking sections are tolerable even while smoking. (We used a special essence which is an excellent complies with cigarette smoke and even fill the inner space with scents). Instead of the smell of cigarette smoke, there is a pleasant smell of different essences, reminiscent of white chocolate. Even if a non-smoker come to the room immediately after the extinguished cigarette, the smell is no more annoying.

Is this the final solution for smoking rooms and smoking sections? Currently, our researches are still at a stage, when we can not confirm with certainty that  problem with the cigarette smell is 100% solved in all areas. However, we are convinced in our ongoing tests  that
smell can be strongly reduced and neutralized up to such an extent, that it interferes with the surroundings. In addition, any feedback of our users is very much welcome and appreciated.

We are pleased that 100% of our users, who solved the problem of unpleasant smell of cigarette smoke with the SCENT GENERATOR technology  are completely satisfied with our innovative solution.

We care for environment
Colors and materials used are of highest quality and in accordance with all environmental and other new modern standards!