Scent generator Classic

In a company BHRI (Biophysical Human Research Institute), which is specialized in the development of innovations, with special technology and based on years of research a unique device called SCENT GENERATOR (SG-01) was developed. With this device we can disseminate the scent of original essences and influence the well-being of all people in the room.

The device represents the added value to the economy, as well as to various organizations, which are devoted to research in areas such as stress, depression, hyperactivity, harmony of living, etc.

Everybody wants to feel comfortable as possible in their working or living place. With no exceptions, everybody wishes for something special. Sometimes it proves rather difficult to surprise our guests, business partners, friends or other people with special colors, plants or fish tanks, various ceramic, metal or other accessories. It seems particularly problematic, because people are different it is difficult to find something that everybody likes.

Nevertheless, we do have something in common we wish that a person in our place feels relaxed, comfortable - in short, that he/she remembers it as something special and pleasant.

All that is provided to us by a unique device Scent generator that provides a full comfort.

Everything about Scent generator Classic:

This is the first device where, without changing the state of matter of special essence molecules, the atoms of the essence bind with the atoms of oxygen in the room, which awakens or stimulates certain senses in people. The reaction is transferred through sense organs and the nervous system to specific brain centers, which according to the new perception, issues a new command to body. This may result in a change of mental focus, muscle relaxation and breathing more evenly, which is perceived as a feeling of comfort.

When a nose senses the scent, it in the form of chemical information travels directly into limbic system - a mysterious, primeval left hemisphere of the brain that contains the key to our feelings of desire, perception and imagination. The result is immediate: when we smell, we feel.

Brains do not analyze this feeling, but only permanently save our feeling that we remember for a very long time if not forever. For example, the smell of blossoming meadows, sea, forests, flowers, school books, classroom, workplace, etc. In this area has the smell a major advantage over the hearing or vision, which in our memories quickly fade and therefore are difficult to retrieve from the memory after a long time - unlike the smell, which we can rapidly remember or even re-live it with all the primary emotions (excitement, pleasant atmosphere etc.).

The scent influences our brains directly. At the perception brains do not recognize the scent, they assess and analyze the perception, as the other senses do. The pulse is changed into the immediate sense-information (do we feel comfortable or not) that we excellently remember, no matter what we do at that specific moment.

The result is a noticeable improvement in overall well-being, which usually happens within the first few seconds, when we enter into the place, in which the device operates; however, with longer contact the effect intensifies.

The reason for this prominent beneficial impact on people is in a special combination of carefully selected original essences, which were developed based on years of experience in cooperation with experts. This is an ideal combination of ingredients, which have an optimal effect on improvement of well-being

Numerous scientific studies have confirmed a positive impact on people. After all, this is considered one of the key competitive advantages that is used for the acquisition and retention of the customers by the most eminent companies such as Samsung, Nokia, Sony, BMW, Lexus, Nike, Disney, Pepsi, etc.

The reason for the improvement in well-being is in our bodys' specific reactions to external stimuli, which occurs automatically and unconsciously in the so-called brain receptors of anyone, who enters the room in which the Scent generator operates.

Tests show that the device Scent generator has a beneficial effect on almost 100% of people, who come into contact with it. It can be used in commercial premises, offices, hotels, bars, fitness and wellness centers, shops, casinos, hairdressing salons, etc.
In short, wherever we want to improve the well-being of employees or to affect the customers so that they will feel better and stay longer in the place, which is crucial in some business situations.

Scent generator can help you towards:

The attractive and comfortable sales area (more customers, consolidation of the mark, customer satisfaction, etc.).

Pleasant and relaxing working atmosphere (increases motivation, satisfaction, productivity, and reduces stress in the workplace).

Increased recognizability and competitive advantage.

Relaxed and positive atmosphere and at the same time it neutralizes the unpleasant odors, etc..

Scent generator is suitable for any place, where we want to improve the well-being of visitors or employees. It generally does not bring only freshness to the room, or it just makes the place more interesting, but it also raises labor productivity, thus we can improve our business performance in a very short time.

Our customers, who have already used the device, are confirming its positive effect on people, because when it is used the overall well-being of the user, employees and customers improves, and productivity and motivation of employees increase. This can easily bring you a competitive advantage and puts you in the first place in the eyes of the customers, visitors or employees.

The device is technologically advanced, made exclusively from high quality materials. It covers up to 450 m3 of the room, one filling of the original essences is sufficient for 30-90 days of normal use.

Available are selected original essences, which are 100% extracts of selected natural ingredients - and this is also the secret of the success of our devices. Indeed, the real impact on people can only be made with properly prepared extracts, which are disseminated in the area through the technically sophisticated transmitter.

Scent generator is extremely simple to use. Built-in is a computer system, which, by setting the desired parameters, automatically ensures smooth and optimal functioning. Set parameters cover a wide range of options, so everyone can adjust the operation of the device as it suits him/her best.

Since the Scent generator Scent is aesthetically and superiorly perfective product, you can also use it in the place as a fashion accessory or as an innovative piece of furniture.

It is available in different colors. It can be also adjusted to suit the needs of the customer as good as possible.

The use of essences in a mysterious reason for which the most successful companies from the world famous ranking list Fortune 500, such as Proctor & Gamble, Disney, Bloomingdales, Lexus, Reebok, Sony, Samsung, hotels Starwood and many others, overtake their competition.

The above mentioned companies break new ground with the use of research results on the essences to promote and enhance the well-being of clients and the belonging to the mark (trademark), which consequently leads to higher sales and customer satisfaction.

This is only the initial phase of the revolution of essences. This global wave is changing the way experts in marketing and in launching brands communicate with their clients at all levels in every industry.

We care for environment
Colors and materials used are of highest quality and in accordance with all environmental and other new modern standards!