Scent generator Climate

In the company BHRI (Biophysical Human Research Institute) the unique device SCENT GENERATOR (SG-02) was developed, which enables us to disperse randomly any of the selected scents of original essences, which influence the well-being of the user.

Scent generator Climate is an innovative device intended only for professional use for hotels, casinos, lecture rooms, business premises, waiting areas, shopping centers or for any larger facilities that are heated, cooled or cleaning air through air channels or air-conditioning systems.

The device is simple to use. Just put it in the filter's area in air-conditioning system, connect it to the mains power system and it works. Scent from Scent generator Climate with the help of air-conditioning system spreads scent of essences throughout the whole system and places connected to it.

Scent generator Climate contains a slightly larger filling with the essence, so that it provides a long and smooth operation, at the same time it is fully adjustable (opening hours, time of operating, time, date, device height, etc.). Built-in is special lighting for immediate monitoring of the device in the darker parts of air-conditioning systems.

The device is specifically designed to operate 24 / 7 and has its own control system (overvoltage, calibration, etc.).

Scent generator Climate, due to high quality of the used materials, ensures long working life and does not require any special care.

The device works in combination with original essences, which are prepared from natural plant extracts and technically perfect transmitter (metal panel) and thus it provides features that certainly beneficially effect well-being of people.

We care for environment
Colors and materials used are of highest quality and in accordance with all environmental and other new modern standards!