The machine cleans, refines and perfumes the air with
the procedure of cold micro-molecular dispersion.
100% elimination of unpleasant smells in the room.
It increases the level of oxygen atoms in the air and negative ions.
Cover larger areas, adjustable if necessary.
Scented the air with molecules of high quality, selected Source Essential Oils.
Significantly changed the atmosphere in the room.
Professional solutions for different areas: hotels, shopping centers, etc.
Easy to integrate into existing air conditioning system, without bypass.
100% recycled materials of the highest quality, environmental friendly.
Provides smooth automatic operation 24/7.
Provides lowest consumption rates.

Scent generator

Model: Scent Generator SG-02
Measurements: 650x800x170 mm
Connectivity: 110-230V /50Hz, 8 W
Material: SA2 Inox
Covering up to 10.000 m2