We are the first in the world to prepare antibacterial filling with a certification Cosmébio for the device Scent generator that will kill bacteria and viruses on the premises, and even H1N1 virus.

After years of research and testing we were able to find the right combination of natural ingredients and natural extracts, which possess the right characteristics to fight various seasonal disease bacteria, viruses, bacteria and simultaneously disinfect premises. We have successfully tested it on the H1N1 virus.

New antibacterial filling will be available at the end of autumn 2010.

It will be completely simple to use like the rest of our fillings. You will simply insert it in any Scent generator, turn on the device and within minutes your room will be cleaned of most bacteria and viruses, yet you, your customers and employees will be safe from a wide variety of infections.

BHRI Institute

Working methods for aging users in the Institutional care - Social Chamber of Slovenia

Lectured Mrs. Katja Vipotnik, the director and technical manager of the PSVZ Prizma Ponikve, with 20 years of working experience with aging users in the institutional care (users with mental and physical disorders and users with mental illnesses. She has presented a new working method with people with special needs, which also includes odors, as a new bio-treatment approach.

Representatives of the BHRI Institute have presented our innovative device, the Scent generator Classic. The inner space was pleasantly scented with the fragrance of white chocolate, which improves mood because it contains endorphins that cause a feeling of pleasure. It is known that increased secretion of endorphins reduce the feeling of pain and loneliness.

12/08/2011, BHRI Institute

Lecture on Huntington's disease - Udine

Specific institute in the field of social welfare the Prizma Ponike, municipality of Dobrepolje and the Society for patients with Huntington's disease was held two lectures in the field of neurological diseases. Professor Dr.Dirk Liessens, the head of the psychiatric clinic in Belgium presented his working experience for patients with Huntington's disease.

Presentation on physical disorder, psychiatric problems, socio-psychological problems, the patient's past, present and future life for patients with Huntington's, Alzheimer's disease and for patients with dementia were presented by Mrs. Marjon Mol, the social worker from Belgium. Representatives of BHRI Institutes pleasantly scented the inner space with the fragrance of oranges, which cause the illumination of entire inner space.

11/11/2011, BHRI Institute

We cooperate with the Society Društvo Sožitje Kranj

In the BHRI institute we are more than happy that the scent has an exceptional effect on children with special needs, which appears immediately.
(My World, Society’s Newsletter)

Society Društvo Sožitje Kranj was founded 40 years ago. Members of the Society are persons with intellectual disabilities, their parents, experts from various fields and other people of good will, who decide to cooperate from compassionate and other reasons.

There are 430 members; out of those 148 have intellectual disabilities. Members are participating in the developmental kindergarten Mojca, attending primary school Helena Puhar, work in the guardian-working center Kranj, with two units in Tržič and Škofja Loka.

Activities of the Society are aimed at all forms of integration, social networking and care of valuable spending of leisure time. However, the forms of social programs at the local level are the weekend seminars.

We have already concluded he spring working weekend seminar that was held in Terme Topolšica and it was intended for pleasant socializing, dancing, swimming ... and creating. Thus, parents and persons with intellectual disabilities were happy to make Easter cards and Easter eggs. Art therapy helps people with special needs so that their feelings and fears can be poured into the product they create. It such way they build self-confidence, self-consciousness, which has tranquilizing effects. Workshops were held in a nice relaxing atmosphere, which is very important.

This year we introduced an important novelty. A special device that dispersed special natural essences has been installed into the room, in which the workshops were held. The essences had a very positive effect on the mood of children and parents.

We used the essence, which is reminiscent of forest fruits; it improves mood and inspires for new ideas. It harmonizes and strengthens the mind and the immune system. Participants were enthusiastic, cheerful and happy, the scent reminded them of a celebration. Everybody diligently participated in creating, the atmosphere was cheerful but working. The overall motivation visibly increased. At dancing activities everybody happily participated by leaping up and down even those, who normally sited in chairs and were just observers. The facial massage activated and put to ease even the most hyperactive.

Also in art group of the Society, in which more than a third of participants has Down syndrome, we tested some different essences. The group represented a big challenge, because people with disabilities are usually playful while creating and have more difficulties to concentrate. Scents that we smelled were reminiscent of white chocolate, orange and vanilla. The effect of the device was immediate and it was exceptional, they scent reminded them of a holiday, thus they felt safe. This process is associated with the responding of the left cerebral hemisphere, which without side effects associates pleasant feelings and provides a positive atmosphere.

The device is professionally called "Scent Generator" and is the product of a Slovenian innovator. Natural essences, which are bottled in the interior of the device, are sprayed into the air and the effect is so good that we actually get the feeling that we are in the middle of fruit plantation.

"When we used this innovative device, which produces special essences, the children easily worked for more than 1 hour, which is very rare", said Mrs. Tatjana Ferengja, supervisor of art workshops in Society društvo Simbioza Kranj.

We also presented our products to the audience at Christmas bazaars and exhibitions. The funds raised are used to purchase art supplies. Art supplies for a weekend seminar in Topolšica were purchased and donated to us by a private Slovenian institute BHRI from Ljubljana, which also deals with the promotion of children's developmental potential and overcoming different disabilities. The Institute achieves its goals through smelling of natural essences. Together with the Institute we conduct researches, in which we explore, how to coordinate the group with natural essences or to improve their concentration and working capability.

In our Society there is also a folk dance group, which has 10 members, last year we organized the first folk festival for people with problems in intellectual development. This year, due to initiative of our members, people with intellectual disabilities, we founded a choir
"From A to Z," which already joyful sings throughout our beautiful Slovenia. Some of them are born singers, while others simply sing with their bodies. These are our little suns, which glow strongly and put a smile to our faces and link all the hearts to an unforgettable melody.

5/18/2010, Sožitje Kranj

The results have exceeded expectations

"Scent generator really works! The mood of people has improved, there are fewer fights and the communication is significantly friendlier ..."

In our special social-security institution we offer home to more than 70 residents with special needs. Since we wish to facilitate and diversify their lives as much as possible and improve the living, we constantly look for new ways and methods.

Recently, in our institution is a great "hit" SCENT GENERATOR, since its effect was detected by almost everybody. Not only do our residents wonder what smells so good - previously we had quite a few challenges regarding the odors - but we also observed the following improvements:

For employees:

• generator affects extremely well the positive mood of employees,

• a much friendlier communication among themselves and in relation to residents was noticed.

For residents:

• visibly increased overall motivation of residents (though it is very difficult to animate and stimulate interest in them)

• awakened curiosity - interest in the novelty - which is a very positive sign

• improved the overall well-being (this effect is still under research)

• We observed that the generator has an unusual effect on people with special needs, because their cognitive level functions on a more elementary senses (smell, hearing and touch)

"In short, the device works even better than expected! Our professional staff will continue to systematically explore the potential of the generator on well-being of people, but already the results so far have exceeded all expectations."

4/29/2010, Prof.def. DPO+FIBO Katja Vipotnik, CEO
Zavod Prizma Ponikve