We are the first in the world to prepare antibacterial filling with a certification Cosmébio for the device Scent generator that will kill bacteria and viruses on the premises, and even H1N1 virus.

After years of research and testing we were able to find the right combination of natural ingredients and natural extracts, which possess the right characteristics to fight various seasonal disease bacteria, viruses, bacteria and simultaneously disinfect premises. We have successfully tested it on the H1N1 virus.

New antibacterial filling will be available at the end of autumn 2010.

It will be completely simple to use like the rest of our fillings. You will simply insert it in any Scent generator, turn on the device and within minutes your room will be cleaned of most bacteria and viruses, yet you, your customers and employees will be safe from a wide variety of infections.

Biophysical Human Research Institute

Exclusive series of Scent Generator "Casino Royal"

In cooperation with the renowned design studio, we have developed a limited edition of Scent Generator Classic, in July. The model is called the Casino Royal.

The device is made of top quality materials. Luxurious design in gold color with special patterns will satisfy even the most demanding requirements. The device will be available in August.

7/18/2012, Biophysical Human Research Institute

Scent Generator technology also in the car.

BHRI Institute signed a Contract with the reputable Gorenje Design Studio from EU (receiver of numerous Red Dot awards), for development of the new model of Scent Generator – Car for use in the car.


Scent Generator Car is scheduled to be marketed end of 2011 and will be the first generator of its kind for feeling good in the car. Scent Generator Car will enrapture the buyers with unique natural, primary essences and with special effects based on many years of experiences.
As with other Scent Generator models, the quality of materials, design and uppermost applicability with long and dependable operation will captivate the users.

Biophysical Human Research Institute

Luxury cruiser MSC Magnifica and Scent Generator technology.

In May, we set out on a Mediterranean cruise with the agency Imperial Travel, who is a step ahead in contemporary tourism. On the luxurious cruiser MSC Magnifica, we refreshed various areas with Scent Generator: from discotheque, to halls and bars.


On the 300 meters long ship that receives 2.500 passengers we surprised with fascinating primary essences GATES (white chocolate), summer scent SUMMER COCTAIL (vanilla and coconut), CORPORATE (orange) and TRUMP (vanilla).

4/23-30/2011, Biophysical Human Research Institute

Nuša Derenda at the cocktail party with the Scent Generator technology on the luxury cruiser MSC Magnifica.

The agency Imperial Travel prepared for their esteemed guests the opening party with cocktails where the agency’s Director Matej Valenčič greeted the guests on board the mighty ship. A special guest of the cruise, the singer Nuša Derenda thrilled all the guests with her performance.


At the occasion, BHRI Institute enchanted everybody with the fascinating scent Summer Cocktail. With the Scent Generator Classic we once again proved how a festivity can become even more entertaining with the help of modern technology.

4/23/2011, Biophysical Human Research Institute

Pilates exercises with Scent Generator technology and the CORPORATE primary essence.

On the luxury cruise on MSC Magnifica, within organisation of the Imperial Travel agency an in cooperation with Pilates Holistic Centre from Ljubljana, we scented the Pilates workout.


In spite of the heat the scent of sweet natural orange (primary essence Corporate) and the Scent Generator technology have ensured fresh and pleasant smell in the hall. The guests learned basics of pilates, pilates yoga, Gyrokinesis and Tibetian exercises in the unique atmosphere with a magnificent view of the sea.

4/24/2011, Biophysical Human Research Institute

Wild party with Nuša Derenda and Scent Generator technology in a luxurious floating discoteque.

The Imperial Travel agency organized an evening with the popular Slovene singer Nuša Derenda on board the luxurious cruise ship MSC Magnifica. The lovely and energetic singer raised everybody to their feet.


In the discotheque, BHRI Institute added the primary essence of natural orange (primary essence Corporate) with the aid of the special Scent Generator technology, which filled the space with distinct summer freshness.

4/28/2011, Biophysical Human Research Institute

Zumba party in fresh symbiosis with the Scent Generator technology.


On April 10, the Club Extreme in Kranj hosted over 70 Zumba fitness programme enthusiasts. Motion studio Pizum organized the Slovenian first Zumba Party which took place in the Night club.



Four instructors, all with valid licences, provided for the true Latin atmosphere. BHRI Institute provided for the fresh and positive atmosphere with the primary essence of orange (Corporate) which fascinated all participants. After 3 hours of partying by the excellent Latino music and wild vibes, we succeeded in keeping the fresh and pleasantly scented atmosphere in the Club Extreme with the aid of Scent Generator technology.

4/10/2011, Biophysical Human Research Institute

New BMW X3 and Scent Generator technology.

On Thursday, 18th November 2010, the car distributer Malgaj in Kranj introduced the new BMW X3 which brings freedom of perfect versatility. For the perfect delight in the presentation of the modern and elegantly shaped new BMW X3, we have added the primary essence of chocolate.


9/18/2010, Biophysical Human Research Institute

New original essence "Summer Coctail"

The smell of vanilla and coconut takes you to the carefree and hot summer!

In the Institute BHRI we, together with our researchers, have developed a new filling that takes you in your thoughts to the summer. Warm, sensual and tropical scent invigorates your senses, relaxes, harmonizes and promotes relieved atmosphere.

Scent has a very fresh and summer like effect, so it is suitable for places where you want to create a carefree, relaxed and cheerful atmosphere. Given its strong intensity it is ideal for bars that want to attract people from the street into their own facilities with a stunning scent.

When we tested the new scent in one of the beach bars, we observed the passers-by. Our expert deliberately focused the scent on the street and inside the bar. People who walked down the street in front of the restaurant noticed the scent, they stopped and wondered what smells so nice ... Most of them entered, because they wanted to explore, where the scent comes from. By entering the goal of the device Scent generator was achieved - The passers-by noticed the scent, entered, ordered a drink and enjoyed the fragrance.

Maša, the coincidental passer-by: "When I perceived a specific scent in front of the pub, I entered without hesitation, because I wanted to discover what is going on and where the scent comes from. When having a nice drink and a true scent of summer, I felt relaxed and full of energy."

6/16/2010, Biophysical Human Research Institute

We cooperate with the Society Društvo Sožitje Kranj

In the BHRI institute we are more than happy that the scent has an exceptional effect on children with special needs, which appears immediately.
(My World, Society’s Newsletter)

Society Društvo Sožitje Kranj was founded 40 years ago. Members of the Society are persons with intellectual disabilities, their parents, experts from various fields and other people of good will, who decide to cooperate from compassionate and other reasons.

There are 430 members; out of those 148 have intellectual disabilities. Members are participating in the developmental kindergarten Mojca, attending primary school Helena Puhar, work in the guardian-working center Kranj, with two units in Tržič and Škofja Loka.

Activities of the Society are aimed at all forms of integration, social networking and care of valuable spending of leisure time. However, the forms of social programs at the local level are the weekend seminars.

We have already concluded he spring working weekend seminar that was held in Terme Topolšica and it was intended for pleasant socializing, dancing, swimming ... and creating. Thus, parents and persons with intellectual disabilities were happy to make Easter cards and Easter eggs. Art therapy helps people with special needs so that their feelings and fears can be poured into the product they create. It such way they build self-confidence, self-consciousness, which has tranquilizing effects. Workshops were held in a nice relaxing atmosphere, which is very important.

This year we introduced an important novelty. A special device that dispersed special natural essences has been installed into the room, in which the workshops were held. The essences had a very positive effect on the mood of children and parents.

We used the essence, which is reminiscent of forest fruits; it improves mood and inspires for new ideas. It harmonizes and strengthens the mind and the immune system. Participants were enthusiastic, cheerful and happy, the scent reminded them of a celebration. Everybody diligently participated in creating, the atmosphere was cheerful but working. The overall motivation visibly increased. At dancing activities everybody happily participated by leaping up and down even those, who normally sited in chairs and were just observers. The facial massage activated and put to ease even the most hyperactive.

Also in art group of the Society, in which more than a third of participants has Down syndrome, we tested some different essences. The group represented a big challenge, because people with disabilities are usually playful while creating and have more difficulties to concentrate. Scents that we smelled were reminiscent of white chocolate, orange and vanilla. The effect of the device was immediate and it was exceptional, they scent reminded them of a holiday, thus they felt safe. This process is associated with the responding of the left cerebral hemisphere, which without side effects associates pleasant feelings and provides a positive atmosphere.

The device is professionally called "Scent Generator" and is the product of a Slovenian innovator. Natural essences, which are bottled in the interior of the device, are sprayed into the air and the effect is so good that we actually get the feeling that we are in the middle of fruit plantation.

"When we used this innovative device, which produces special essences, the children easily worked for more than 1 hour, which is very rare", said Mrs. Tatjana Ferengja, supervisor of art workshops in Society društvo Simbioza Kranj.

We also presented our products to the audience at Christmas bazaars and exhibitions. The funds raised are used to purchase art supplies. Art supplies for a weekend seminar in Topolšica were purchased and donated to us by a private Slovenian institute BHRI from Ljubljana, which also deals with the promotion of children's developmental potential and overcoming different disabilities. The Institute achieves its goals through smelling of natural essences. Together with the Institute we conduct researches, in which we explore, how to coordinate the group with natural essences or to improve their concentration and working capability.

In our Society there is also a folk dance group, which has 10 members, last year we organized the first folk festival for people with problems in intellectual development. This year, due to initiative of our members, people with intellectual disabilities, we founded a choir
"From A to Z," which already joyful sings throughout our beautiful Slovenia. Some of them are born singers, while others simply sing with their bodies. These are our little suns, which glow strongly and put a smile to our faces and link all the hearts to an unforgettable melody.

5/18/2010, Sožitje Kranj

The results have exceeded expectations

"Scent generator really works! The mood of people has improved, there are fewer fights and the communication is significantly friendlier ..."

In our special social-security institution we offer home to more than 70 residents with special needs. Since we wish to facilitate and diversify their lives as much as possible and improve the living, we constantly look for new ways and methods.

Recently, in our institution is a great "hit" SCENT GENERATOR, since its effect was detected by almost everybody. Not only do our residents wonder what smells so good - previously we had quite a few challenges regarding the odors - but we also observed the following improvements:

For employees:

• generator affects extremely well the positive mood of employees,

• a much friendlier communication among themselves and in relation to residents was noticed.

For residents:

• visibly increased overall motivation of residents (though it is very difficult to animate and stimulate interest in them)

• awakened curiosity - interest in the novelty - which is a very positive sign

• improved the overall well-being (this effect is still under research)

• We observed that the generator has an unusual effect on people with special needs, because their cognitive level functions on a more elementary senses (smell, hearing and touch)

"In short, the device works even better than expected! Our professional staff will continue to systematically explore the potential of the generator on well-being of people, but already the results so far have exceeded all expectations."

4/29/2010, Prof.def. DPO+FIBO Katja Vipotnik, CEO
Zavod Prizma Ponikve

Satisfied caterers.

"The guests praised the atmosphere, spend higher amounts and are returning back."

In the pizzeria the place was perfumed with the scent of lavender, which increased the orders of the guests and consequently the turnover. Experiment was conducted on three consecutive Saturdays, the scent concentration was evenly distributed throughout the place.

It was concluded that all the guests, who have been exposed to the scent that has a relaxation effect, spent more time in the pizzeria and therefore spent even more money.

4/14/2010, Biophysical Human Research Institute

Everybody wants to be a part of it,

when they learned about the superior technology of the generator, they offered their help ... for free!

Students, who were exposed to the scents of lavender and vanilla, were, because of the pleasant mood, ready to assist in voluntary work. After inhalation of the scent the students were much more willing to help than before.

3/22/2010, Biophysical Human Research Institute

90% more visitors decide to buy textile products,

if a store uses the advantages of Scent generator.

The research was conducted in the store with women’s clothing, the stockings department. Two kinds of stockings were sold: stockings with the orange scent and stockings without any scent. 90 percent of women decided on a purchase of stockings with the orange scent. The customers thought that the scented stockings were of better quality.

3/2/2010, Biophysical Human Research Institute

In restaurants the sales rose even by more than 50%,

when the generator was turned on

When the essence of coconut was sprayed around the night club in London, the sales of the drink Malibu rose by more than a half.

2/19/2010, Biophysical Human Research Institute

If you invest 2 EUR/day, you will sell for 300% more of chocolate products.

Confirmed by research and practical experience.

A company Hershey's Chocolate increased their sale of chocolate. On the tourist destinations in California they added to their automating selling machines the scent of chocolate, which was disseminated to the surroundings. Among the three chocolate sellers, they sold 300% more chocolate than others.

2/3/2010, Biophysical Human Research Institute

To higher productivity and positive thinking ... with the push of a button.

Aromas affect people in different ways. When the scent of lemon was dispersed among the employees in the business building in Japan, the productivity among the data-entering operators rose by 54%.

Lemon scent helps us in negative thinking and mood. Researchers at Ohio State University have found that the scent of lemongrass helped to increase the positive thinking among the participants in a controlled study.

1/21/2010, Biophysical Human Research Institute

Greater sales of tourist packages.

"No problem, since the generator is used," say at the well known travel agency Thomson.

With the coconut scent they created an atmosphere, which motivates people to book the summer holidays. The scent, through emotions and memory, conjures up the positive experience of past holidays in the mind, which encourages them to opt for a vacation at a given time.

Tourist agency Thomson will use the coconut scent in all of their branches, since it gives them the invaluable competitive advantage.

12/22/2009, Biophysical Human Research Institute

Customers wait in line in front of the store

bercrombie & Fitch is a clothing store for young people in downtown of New York.

The store is in many ways different to the other competitors, which is soon completely clear to each visitor.

The first surprise is darkened windows. If you want to know what is going on inside, you have to enter. Another surprise is that there is no board or a sign saying, who they are, or what they are selling.

The third (even bigger) surprise is a large crowd of people waiting in front of the store to get permission to enter. The store is actually so besieged that all visitors, who find themselves in front of the store, simply cannot enter at once.

The reason for a crowd people in front of the store (among other things) are handsome models, who promote the passersby.

When you enter the store, you get surprised by yet another detail, which greatly impresses in every visitor’s memory ... and starts to influence them at the moment they enter the room:

The room is actually very pleasantly scented with special essences, such as the ones used in Scent generator.

When you combine all the elements that the store is using, we get a recipe for success: quality goods of a recognized brand sold at affordable prices, a factor of surprise at the entrance (models), a sense of scarcity (a crowd waiting in line to get in), mystery (with boards hammered in on the windows without an inscription of what is happening inside) and concern for a pleasant well-being in the interior (interesting - read: insufficiently dressed models, professional lighting and placement of goods and a pleasant and distinctive scent that rounds the sense of exclusivity and professionalism).

The scent is definitely one of the key competitive advantages, which brings more satisfaction and a pleasant and relaxed well-being to a customer, which ultimately translates into cash-register.

12/2/2009, Biophysical Human Research Institute

Hotels as well want to take advantage of the latest technology.

Recently, we have launched a new innovation Scent generator CLIMATE on the market. The device uses a patented technology, which we have already put in the generators for personal and business purposes (Scent generator CLASSIC).

In practical implementations of improving the well-being we found out that the bigger facilities would need an excessive number of SG devices (the reason for this is in a bigger number of separate rooms) for the most reliable operation. Therefore, we developed a new, more powerful device for large complexes.

It works through the central air conditioning systems and it distributes enriched air produced by the Scent generator in all rooms at the same time. Scent generator is located at a central location.

Scent generator CLIMATE is a fully automated device with its own protective systems (surge protection, battery power, etc.).

It works very simply. Place it in the air conditioning filter system, connect it to the local network, set the parameters according to the user’s preferences and that is all. Further control takes place automatically as the generator has built in a modern management system. Therefore, you do not have any additional concerns or work with the generator.

One such device can with our special fillings (natural essences developed with an innovative technology) pleasantly scent the entire complex. This makes it extremely special and attractive.

All of our fragrances have already been tested in practice. Our customers really like them, because they have performed brilliantly. However, all the time we are still developing new scents.

11/18/2009, Biophysical Human Research Institute

A revolution in casinos - a generator of a positive atmosphere for slot machines.

When performing market research we found out that the field of gambling industry (casinos, gambling houses, etc.) has an untapped potential, when it comes to improving the well-being of guests.

Our findings have been confirmed by international studies: in the gambling industry for many years there have been many investments in the visual signaling (displays, various inscriptions, lighting signs, etc.) and in the sound effects (miscellaneous audio messages, effects, etc.).

Despite the fact, that the objective was to provide for the maximum visitors’ well-being, they took very little advantage of ancient knowledge concerning the basic human perceptions.

Actually, the centre for scent perception in humans is most receptive to any messages, because it responds the most directly. So often the scent affects people more intense than the sound or even images.

Improving the well-being of visitors through the SCENT is a marketing of a new era. Smell is a sense associated with the left cerebral hemisphere and reacts promptly and without bias. It is etched on the users’ (customer, buyer, player) memory without any intermediate processes and in the memory it evokes a feeling of comfort, through associations or "image" of the childhood, memories of pleasant events, etc.

The components of the device are flexible. Designed for installation directly in the slot machine or roulette, where in the place around the gambling sites through the central ventilation system or a separate opening we supply corporate scent (natural essences, developed with an innovative technology).

The operation has been tested in practice.

The innovation was also adapted for specific series that will be custom-made. Together with top industrial designers, we will make a special, exclusive series. The device will look like an addition to the gambling site and will be consistent with it in shape, color, signs ... and will make a gambling site even more enjoyable and unique to the customer.

10/15/2009, Biophysical Human Research Institute

Your generator truly works.

Higher productivity, greater enthusiasm of employees and satisfied customers.

With testing our innovation Scent generator CLASSIC we have confirmed the same results, as they were reached by the international research on the effects of the scent on the individual.

We found that we can with specific scents (natural essences, developed with an innovative technology):

• increase turnover in the stores, even for incredible 100%,

improve productivity of employees (with the scent we change the association to a workplace, calm tensions, etc.),

change the attitude of employees towards the company (a new attitude towards the workplace, appreciation of care for employees, greater loyalty to the company ...),

• enable the points of sale, places or events to express their special character; namely, people do not forget the scent, because it etched directly on memory, when getting in touch with the left cerebral hemisphere and it associatively connects us with positive feelings.

Scent generator testing showed positive results also in Slovenia.

This is not really a surprise, because there are numerous international studies that show a positive effect of scent on the business.
The reason for this effect lies in the fact that the scent is placed on top of our perceptions as the only sense that encourages us to decide in an instant.

Therefore, the biggest corporations such as Sony, Samsung, Nike, P & G ... dedicate to the use of scent for business purposes a lot of attention, especially they place it in the marketing of a new era.

9/9/2009, Biophysical Human Research Institute

The new, limited edition of generator grabbed in a few hours.

On the next order you have to wait at least three months.

Select material such as the one built-in Ferrari!

Top of our offer constitutes the line of HiTech. It is designed with a special attention, as each piece is constructed by hand. You can choose between two models "Sport Edition" and "Space Edition".

The first, darker in color, is made from carbon (the so called DUALCAPE CARBON), the second (lighter) is made our of glass fibers, called TEXALIUM. Both materials are distinguished by their exclusiveness, specific strength and excellent insulation.

Both versions are further coated with a special multilayer lacquer of high shine.
HiTec Scent generators line is manufactured in cooperation with the company "CDT-R Team, which specializes in the manufacture of products from these two materials. Among other things, it also makes them for Ferrari, BMW, Ducati, etc..

9/1/2009, Biophysical Human Research Institute

Even in times of crisis, companies opt to buy Scent generator.

Recently, we have witnessed an economic recession, in which we began "to tighten our belts" and watch the costs. This is one of the options, which leads us towards the optimization of consumption.

At the same time, the solution to the crisis is in the diagnosis of the present status and in investing in the future. The crisis will eventually end and then will companies, which have invested in the development, immediately took a leading position in the market. This means that at this time we need to be even more innovative, explore new opportunities, develop and strive towards a better tomorrow.

PIt is advisable to even reach for extremely innovative if not revolutionary ideas and approaches to improve both business and the well-being of ourselves as well as employees (stress, fear of job loss, etc.).

Progressive companies know that it is necessary to exploit the market potential and existing resources in such way that with the minimum contribution (time, energy and money) we get maximum results.
Therefore, the structure of approaches to control the market is changing. If we have so far invested a lot in the ways to acquire customers (advertising, discounts, campaigns ...), we will focus in the future more on the other ways as well.

For example, great potential is in the "marketing" of an existing trust of client towards us. Once a customer comes to us, it means that he/she is open to purchase or cooperation. It is up to us to positively influence him or her and improve his/her well-being to such an extent that he/she will relax and feel really comfortable.

Therefore, as a very convenient solution for these times, comes marketing with the use of specific scents, which stimulate pleasant well-being in people.

For this purpose we have developed a special device Scent generator that disperses a specific scent. It consists of natural essences that are developed with innovative technology.

The result of the production of such scent is an attractive atmosphere for customers and visitors, released tension, higher motivation of employees ...

Scent generator CLASSIC is designed for shops, offices, lecture halls, waiting rooms ... So for all the places, in which we want to change the attitude towards the working environment or stand out from the crowd and to be etched on the memory of customers and visitors in an unobtrusive manner.

7/22/2009, Biophysical Human Research Institute