Original source essences

Together with Scent generator – for the effectiveness of the device are extremely important natural essences as well.

When we were studying scents, we discovered the relevance of some individual essences and on the basis of many studies (our own and foreign) we set the basic scents that are reminiscent of the scents of plants in the nature.

We opted for a vision “back to nature”, which is “always right", it heals and inspires. For this reason are our original essences and natural extracts 100% of natural origin and have no side effects. Ancient folk process of continuous exposure to natural extracts, which have a positive impact on our mental and physical well-being, is now also available in original essences.

Essences directly influence our brains. The perception of smell is 10,000 times more powerful than the taste perception. In the case of the smell perception our brains do not recognize, assess and analyze the perception as the other senses do. They just simply convert them into an immediate sensation – the information (if we feel comfortable or not) that we remember very well. This happens no matter what we do at the moment.

Whenever our noses smell a scent, it in the form of chemical information travels directly to the limbic system - a mysterious, primeval left hemisphere of the brain. This system contains a key to our feelings, desire, perception and imagination. The result is immediate: "when we smell, we feel."

Essence inhalation process is the quickest and most effective way to reduce emotional problems such as stress and depression.

Original essences act directly on the subconscious and thus affect the well-being and mood. Healing natural essences in a natural manner and without adverse side effects activate our "internal healer".

As we have mentioned our brains do not analyze the perception of the smell but they store permanently only our feeling when it happened and this feeling is remembered for a very long time if not forever. For example, the smell of blossoming meadows, sea, forests, flowers, school books, classroom, workplace, etc. Every time we mentioned these words you I the moment relived some of them, for which you might felt that they had already been forgotten.

Here, the main difference occurs with hearing or vision (when we see or hear something), which in our memories quickly fade and are difficult to retrieve from the memory, unlike the scent, which we can rapidly remember or even re-live it with all the primary emotions (excitement, nice atmosphere, etc.).

We were able to bring to the places the original essence of the nature ... because "the nature heals."

Original essences were in the form of essential oils used to heal thousands of years ago. Distilled vegetable oils were used in the times of Indus Valley civilization, which flourished between the years 2800 and 1800 BC. In ancient Egypt people were very adept at mixing the aromatic oils with fat and herbs that were used for preparing medicinal ointments in combination with body and foot massage. For example, lavender oil was used to treat skin diseases. The Greeks used vegetable oils to reduce inflammations and to treat wounds. Eucalyptus oil has been used for centuries for treating sinus problems. Also known is the use of original essences in the premises of the official medicine, since they used tea plant essential oil for disinfection of hospitals in the 19th century.

The power of functioning of original essences is to affect not only the physical balance in the body, but also the emotions and memories.

Clinical studies have shown that essential oils are effective in reducing pain, reducing emotional stress, improving bloodstream and also in helping patients with mental disorders.

Research has shown that with the use of original natural essences we can create an attractive and comfortable selling space (more customers, the consolidation of the mark, customer satisfaction, etc.), a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere in the workplace (greater motivation, satisfaction, productivity and less stress in the workplace), greater competitive advantage, etc.

Effect of essential oils on the body is very complex and is not yet completely established and clarified. This may also be due to the fact that one essential oil can also consist out of several hundred different compounds.

With original essences, which are assembled from natural essential oils, we may therefore influence many different areas from the home environment to the economy. Each essence has its own characteristics and its "healing" effects.

With the Scent generator we went one step further: precisely determined natural extracts and specially selected natural scents are combined in a completely new compound. This formula provides in combination with the technologically advance mode of transportation of molecules to the human senses exceptional results, which is also confirmed by the recent tests at Slovenian companies.

Each room can change in an instant the "healing herbal garden," saturated with original essences.

All our original essences are prepared on the basis of many studies and natural extracts of selected plants. With long-standing analyses and years of experience we confirmed that we can create a desired atmosphere and enhance a positive atmosphere in the room with the specific choice of essences.

Since the choice of the filling and the location in the place (placement of the device) is very important for the efficient functioning, you can contact us, when creating the desired effect and atmosphere; we posses a lot of practical experience and have many satisfied customers.

We offer a wide range of selected fragrances for use in Scent generator Classic and Scent generator Climate:

• SUCCESS (reminiscent of the scent of cinnamon)
• GROWTH (reminiscent of the scent of lemongrass)
• BUSINESS (reminiscent of the scent of eucalyptus)
• EXECUTIVE (reminiscent of the scent of lemon balm)
• FOREST TOUCH (reminiscent of the scent of spruce tips)
• CORPORATE (reminiscent of the scent of oranges)
• MULTILEVEL (reminiscent of the scent of lavender)
• PLEASEANT PRESTIGE (reminiscent of the scent of cedar)

• SRING BREEZE (reminiscent of the scent of cherry blossoms)
• GATES (reminiscent of the scent of white chocolate)
• CHRISTMAS DREAMS (creates a Christmas atmosphere)
• SUMMER COCTAIL (reminiscent of the summer scent of
   vanilla and coconut)
• TRUMP (reminiscent of the scent of vanilla)

• STRAWBERRY FIELDS (reminiscent of the scent of fresh forest fruits)
• FRESH TOUCH (reminiscent of the scent of watermelon)
reminiscent of the scent of pomegranate and kiwi)
• CANDY MELON (reminiscent of the scent of melons and honey)

BIO PLATINUM COLLECTION * organic production
• PLATINUM MULTILEVEL (reminiscent of the scent of lavender*)
• PLATINUM GROWTH (reminiscent of the scent of lemon grass*)
reminiscent of the scent of eucalyptus*)
• PLATINUM PLEASEANT PRESTIGE (reminiscent of the scent of cedar*)

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